Cervantes En Los Infiernos

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libro Cervantes En Los Infiernos

The literature and hell is a stormy romance of old. There is no hero or antihero who has not fallen, in one way or another, to the underworld. Cervantess characters are no exception. From Rogues to his pilgrims, between Don Quixote and Persiles runs a long list of travel infernal hell initiatory, poetic or burlesque, hell canonical or simply mundane. This test records that, through fiction and poetry, all caves have some mazes, every prison is a hellish dungeon, all evoking literary body of water in one way or another to the Styx. As Dante and many other poets who preceded him, Cervantes went down to the underworld of fantasy and reality, hell that define the reality of his time, which is also ours: the eternal time of the human condition. Devil and hell are here as incontestable proof that the literary imagination can turn our desires into fear, and that these are the most effective way that we have to decipher them.

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