Los Memes Y Caricaturas Del Movimiento Estudiantil Chileno

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libro Los Memes Y Caricaturas Del Movimiento Estudiantil Chileno

THE MEMES AND CARTOONS OF THE CHILEAN STUDENT MOVEMENT: A EMIC SPEECH ANALYSIS OF STUDENTS NETWORK SITES IN TUMBLR BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 2011 AND 2012. BY JUAN FEDERICO HOLZMANN ILLANES. Abstract. Since 2011 in Chile, the student movement has made extensive use of Internet and resources associated with this. This research examines one of them, called memes , by which we describe the ideology of the movements radical actors. The purpose of this thesis is to describe the humoristic political discourse of those memes of Students Network sites in Tumblr under 2011-12 student movement. It was observed during the research that memes: 1- Representing actors as the encapuchado , as anonymous heroes and fighter against the current political, considering their actions as legitimate. 2- That underlying logic is influenced by the dialectic between dominator and dominated. Where there is abusers and abused actors, the government and politicians, who would be aware of what they do, being considered as criminals. 3- Do not seek to set any dialogue to his enemies. These speeches are directed to the movement itself. Both discourses are incommensurable, show deep disagreements, and it is not possible a consensus. For this reason, Governments actions always be evaluated as insufficient. 4- Generate a systematizing of experience, decentralized, horizontal through collaborative work-groups, like Open Source model, in order to create a collective learning on how to protest , to behave, risks, and feelings. 5- Its contents reflect distrust in institutions, proposing the dismantling of the established system, through mobilization, suggesting absolute democracy as a system. 6- Generate a virtual identity of the student movement, being followed easily through social networks or other sites with big dissemination. 7- It have a strong resemblance to the political cartoon, because they have a opinions, a transgressor speech, protest and denounce. 8- From the empirical context, we…

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