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libro Un Sólo Amor

Quiero… plegar mis alas y con la gracia de la hoja que cae silenciosamente alunizar y acurrucarme en tu pecho Despertarte con fragancias nuevas escondidas hasta ahora en mi suave plumaje y entregarte en un beso el néctar de todas las flores… I want to fold my wings and like a falling leaf quietly land and nestle by your heart, to wake you up with new fragrances hidden until now under my soft plumage and give you in a kiss the nectar of all the flowers… Paloma believes that love is like a kaleidoscope that manifests itself in many forms and colors. In her collection of bilingual poetry, she reflects on love for her family, other human beings, God, and nature. Through imagery and symbolism, Paloma lyrically explores the profound experiences of life through the purest of emotions: love. From the tender touch of a grandmother to a kiss that renews peace and happiness to God’s unconditional love to the beauty of nature, Paloma leads others on a genuine journey through her heart as she delves into complex emotions, the diverse world around her, and her faith. Un Sólo Amor shares a collection of poetry that poignantly celebrates love, life, and hope in both the Spanish and English languages. Sublime joy interfuses feelings of depth and awareness … fleeting moments are captured by Paloma … this gifted writer. —L. J. Palumbo, PhD

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