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libro Lo Que La Iglesia Ensena

The debate over same-sex marriage has been in the news nonstop, which means its also on the minds of your students and catechists. And the controversy is not confined to courtrooms and homosexual couples – it has implications for society as a whole. Questions are sure to come up. Any discussion of same-sex marriage requires great care, however, because of the potential for alienation and persecution. What the Church Teaches: Same-Sex Marriage helps you talk about this timely topic with respect and compassion. Our Sunday Visitors newest pamphlet puts the controversy in scriptural context, answering the toughest questions with the Churchs faith-based perspective. It goes beyond to issue a call for action, encouraging married couples and all Catholics to defend marriage and live as a loving example of divine law. Some of your students and catechists may find same-sex marriage a particularly difficult issue. Many likely know and care for someone – a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor – who lives a lifestyle contrary to Church teaching. Offer them sound yet sensitive guidance with What the Church Teaches: Same-Sex Marriage. Now in Spanish.

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