Hansel Y Gretel

As Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the forest at two different times by their mean stepmother, they are forced to think fast about how to get themselves back home. This fun script is written in Spanish. 24pp.

La Escuela Alrededor Del Mundo

Find out how school is the same–and different–in countries all over the world in this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction title. Readers will learn about the way students learn in other countries, from homeschooling to trade schools. This interesting book features informational, descriptive text, and colorful photos and maps to engage readers from cover to cover.

La Vida De Una Rana / A Frog S Life

Follow the lifecycle of a frog with descriptive pictures that follow a frogs life from egg, to tadpole, to a full-grown frog. This book is a fun way for readers to learn vocabulary relating to frogs and lifecycles.

La Gallinita Roja

La gallinita roja vive en una granja. Trabaja duro cada día. Pone huevos y cuida sus pollitos … Un día, la gallinita roja encuentra un grano de trigo. Quiere sembrarlo. Pero nadie la ayudará. Lo siembra sola … Luego hace pan. Nadie ayuda. Crees que los otros animales la ayudarán a comerse el pan? Lee […]

Cuerpos Al Límite: Hazañas Y Fracasos

The human body can achieve amazing feats, but with every new physical feat, there are many failures. Readers will learn about some of the most amazing physical feats in history in this inspiring, Spanish-translated nonfiction title. Readers will learn about sports records, daredevils like Evel Knievel, and the incredible determination that athletes of all kinds […]

La Vida De Una Abeja

How does a small egg become a buzzing bee? With a graph of a bees life cycle, vivid photos, explanatory vocabulary, and informational text, readers are sure to be captivated by this Spanish-translated nonfiction book!

Puedo Hacer Cualquier Cosa

A little girl uses her imagination to dream of all the things she can be and do when she grows up. You can read the book and dream along with her. Soon you will also say, I can be anything! This book has been translated into Spanish and allows for a wonderful shared reading experience […]